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Stunningly original handmade dolls created by Natasha Smith in Northern California. Natasha is a mother of two girls, Brennan Ruby and Tilly Grace of which the name Ruby Grace came to be. 

Mend by Ruby Grace original dolls are derived of new and vintage materials. Materials are sourced and gathered locally and as such availability is limited. Each doll is original and special in that it will never be recreated exactly. Natasha has a special knack for yarn work in the form of hair and beards, and amazingly detailed hand painted lashes. 

Doll are meant to be unique and original, and have finished and unfinished seams depending on the design. Best suited as heirloom dolls and perfect to last for generations. These magical and perfect for play dolls are best suited for children 4 and up. 

For updates with Natasha and her shop follow @mendbyrubygracedolls on Instagram.